NFFE 1450: Representing HUD employees in the CAN (California, Arizona & Nevada) States!




NFFE 1450 has proudly represented HUD employees in

California, Nevada, Arizona & Albuquerque (SWONAP)

since October 2, 1971

 For union assistance please contact

NFFE 1450 President Dennis Murakami at

Phone (415) 489-6680 or Cell (925) 788-4286 for urgent matter


Did you know that being a member of the bargaining unit is different than being a Dues Paying Union Member?


Some Federal employees think that Union must represent them whether or not they choose to join. That is not quite true.

The law says the Union’s duty to represent a non-member is limited, and that the Union must only negotiate and administer collective bargaining agreements.

Therefore, dues Paying Members can be represented by the Union in, for example, EEO, MSPB and Workers Comp cases. In contrast, non-members would not be represented by the Union on issues related to these cases.

Comprehensive union representation goes only to those who are union members.

Additional information are available at

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