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2017 Elections

NFFE Local Lodge 1450 Notice of Nomination and Election


Dear NFFE Local 1450 Members,


In accordance with the NFFE Local 1450 By-laws and IAM Constitution, Local 1450 must conduct an election for officers every three years.  The undersigned Election Committee will carry out the election for new officers this November and December.  This letter serves as Notice of Nomination and Election.


Official Notice of Nominations


Nominations for the NFFE Local 1450 Executive Board offices of:



Vice President

Recording Secretary



Trustee (3)




Auditor (3) (Although elected positions, Auditor positions do not serve on the NFFE Local 1450 Executive Board)


All positions listed above are for three (3) year terms.

(see position descriptions at bottom of this notice)


Nominations for all eleven (11) positions will be accepted from the floor at the regular November 2017 General Membership meeting to be held:


Date:         Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Time:        11:30 am

Place:        Phoenix HUD Office, Main Conference Room

One N. Central Ave., Suite 600 Phoenix, AZ  85004

(All other HUD offices will call in as usual and will be linked together via speakerphone. Please contact your local Chief Steward for the exact location of conference room to be used.)


Nominations may only be made from the floor during the regular membership meeting by a member in good standing.  Only members in good standing for at least one (1) year at the time of nomination are eligible for candidacy.  A member may only be nominated and run for one (1) office.


Each candidate must personally accept nomination at the nomination meeting or, if not in attendance, he/she must have a letter or e-mail on file with the Election Committee Chairperson, Cristal Quinn, stating that he/she will accept a nomination for a particular office.  This letter/email must be received by the Election Committee no later than November 14, 2017, one day before the November 15 Nomination Meeting.  E-mails must be sent to


Alternately, you may send a hard copy letter to:


NFFE Local 1450 Election Committee

P.O. Box 1084

Peoria, AZ  85380


Candidates may self-nominate.  In such a case, the candidate’s self-nomination will be considered his/her acceptance of the nomination.


Again, if you will be running for office and will not be present at a HUD office participating in the Nomination meeting on November 15, 2017, you must send either an email or hard copy letter to Cristal Quinn by November 14, 2017.


Official Notice of Election


If no more than one candidate runs for each office, the single candidate will be elected by acclamation, as no write-in candidates will be allowed in this election. However, if more than one candidate is running for at least one of the offices, a mail ballot election will be conducted for the contested positions only.   The Election Committee will mail a ballot to each Local 1450 union member at his/her home address after the nominations.  Ballots will be mailed to the last known home address of each member, we have on file. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each union member to verify his/her address with the Election Committee before the Nomination Meeting on November 15,2017, to insure receiving a ballot at your home.  Please contact Cristal Quinn at or 602-379-7206 or Jane Alex at or 602-379-7228 to verify your correct home mailing address.  Please do so no later than November 1, 2017.


If a mail ballot election is conducted and if you haven’t received a ballot by November 30, 2017, contact Cristal Quinn at 602-379-7206 or and request a replacement ballot.


Voted ballots must be received no later than close of business on:


Date:               December 12, 2017


 Address:          NFFE Local 1450 Election Committee, P.O. Box 1084, Peoria, AZ  85380


The ballots will be counted at the December regular General Membership meeting at the HUD office below.  If you are interested in helping with the election vote tabulation and are not a candidate, please contact Cristal Quinn, Election Committee Chairperson. The December General Membership meeting will be held on:

Date:               December 13, 2017

Time:              11:30 am – 12:00 pm (PST)

Location:        HUD Office Main Conference Room, One N. Central Ave. Suite 600, Phoenix, AZ  85004

                        (Other HUD offices will call in, as usual. Please contact your local POR/Steward for the exact conference room location.)


Installation of Officers will take place during the January general membership meeting:


Date:              January 24, 2018

Time:              11:30 am – 12:00 pm (PST)

Location:        Regular membership meeting place in each field office.

(Other HUD offices will call in, as usual. Please contact your local POR/Steward for the exact conference room location.)


Please contact a member of the NFFE Local 1450 Election Committee below, if you have any questions:

Cristal Quinn, (602) 379-7206,

Jane Alex, (602) 379-7228,




NFFE Local 1450 Officers and Duties

The President: The Local Lodge President shall preside at all meetings of the Local Lodge; decide on all questions and disputes not controlled by laws of the IAM or bylaws of the District Lodge; countersign orders and checks properly drawn on or by the Secretary-Treasurer; appoint committees not otherwise provided for; appoint an Educator and Communicator; administer the obligation to new members; enforce the laws of the IAM applicable to Local Lodges and members; and perform other such duties as required by the NFFE FDL Bylaws and the IAM Constitution and, in the case of a tie vote, shall cast the deciding vote.

Vice President: The Vice President shall see that all persons entering the Local Lodge room are members; that all property of the Local Lodge has proper care and assist the president in maintaining order; preside at all meetings in the absence of the president; shall, in the absence of the president, be authorized to sign vouchers, checks, and other documents in his/her place subject to approval of the Local Lodge; and in case of death, removal, or resignation of the president, shall become president and serve as such until after the next regular election and installation of the successor in office.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall conduct correspondence for, and in the name of the Local Lodge; present all communications and bills to the Local Lodge; and deliver such bills to and for the files of the Secretary-Treasurer; draw all orders on the Secretary-Treasurer when passed by the Local Lodge and attest the same by properly signing and attaching the seal of the Local Lodge thereto; prepare and sign all credentials of delegates and alternate delegates to conventions of the District Lodge and Grand Lodge and forward duplicates thereof to the District Lodge and the Grand Lodge Secretary-Treasurer; keep minutes of the Local Lodge meetings; and perform such other duties as are required by these Bylaws.

Secretary-Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer shall receive and deposit all funds of the Local Lodge in a bank of sound financial standing in the name of the Local Lodge; pay all properly drawn orders by check, which checks shall be countersigned by the president of the Local Lodge, but shall not draw any checks in violation of these Local Lodge Bylaws. The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect all dues, fines, assessments and all monies from any source for the benefit of the Local Lodge; keep a systematic account of all disbursements in such a way as to show the balance of cash on hand at the close of each meeting of the Local Lodge; file all receipted bills; keep a correct account between the lodge and its members, and submit the books to the auditing committee of the Local Lodge semiannually (at the close of June and December).

Conductor-Sentinel: The conductor-sentinel shall examine all persons present prior to the opening of all meetings of the Local Lodge for the purpose of ascertaining whether any are in attendance who are not entitled to remain, and shall report to the president all those present who are in arrears for dues. The conductor-sentinel shall answer all alarms at the door, report the same, and admit all who are entitled to admission.
Trustees: The board of trustees shall have charge of all property belonging to the Local Lodge; shall see that all of the books are properly kept, and at the time of the semiannual audit shall assist the auditing committee in the examination of all books and accounts and verify the report of the auditing committee by attaching their signatures thereto. Should the work of auditing the books of the Local Lodge be delayed on account of the failure of one or more of the trustees to be in attendance, the auditors shall proceed to carry on the work in the same manner as though all of the trustees were present. The trustees shall be liable to the Grand Lodge for all funds and other property of the Local Lodge under their control.

NFFE Local 1450 Officers and Duties

Auditors: The auditing committee shall semiannually (at the close of June and December), proceed with the work of examining the books and accounts of the Local Lodge for the preceding period. They shall call on the Secretary-Treasurer for the duplicate financial statement. The auditing committee shall render its report on a form furnished for that purpose by the Grand Lodge Secretary-Treasurer, and send a copy to the Grand Lodge. The report of the committee must be countersigned by the trustees of the Local Lodge. Should one or more of the auditors fail to be in attendance, the trustees shall proceed with the work as though all of the committee were present. A Local Lodge may at its discretion employ a certified public accountant to audit or assist the auditing committee in auditing the books. However, no such accountant shall be permitted to develop bookkeeping procedures in the lodge contrary to provisions of these Bylaws or policies established by Grand Lodge for handling this work.







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