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(Thursdays: Start time: 11:30 am Pacific Time)


We thank our Members as it is through their dues that we make our Local strong… strong enough to take matters to Arbitration (like the FLSA case) when we believe in the strength of our position.

Your NFFE Union provides federal employees with benefits and protections, including first-class representation in negotiation and administration of the contract, right to negotiate changes in the workplace, regular pay increases, and cost-of-living adjustments, etc.

Your NFFE Membership enables you to access other benefits (some for free, some with fee) such as those listed at,,, and

But most importantly, Members can be represented by NFFE 1450 representatives in MSPB & EEO cases! (Note: there may be a waiting period for representation in certain cases.)

Contact us the Union Office at (415) 489-6696 or by email at


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