NFFE 1450: Representing HUD employees in the CAN (California, Arizona & Nevada) States!

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

As a member of the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), you have access to some of the best consumerfinancial and educational benefits the labor community has to offer.

Along with the benefits bargained on your behalf by NFFE-1450 Representatives in the workplace, you are also offered discounts on various consumer products and services, as well as educational opportunities for expanding your knowledge of labor history, issues, and practices. Additional information are available at

Each year NFFE and its partners offer free educational opportunity and scholarships to NFFE-IAM members and their qualified family members. Learn more about these opportunities, go to or 

 As technology constantly evolves around us, the only way to keep up with change is with education. The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is the most visible sign of our commitment to provide a world class education to train future NFFE-IAM leaders. The Winpisinger Center teaches what it is to be a trade unionist. By studying labor history and the role unions play in our society, students learn that unions are more than service organizations. To learn more, visit the William Winpisinger Center at

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